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Canine Spay and Neuter services at DVAH

Canine Spay Neuter Contributes to Your Dog’s Health and Wellness

Canine Medicine

Spaying or neutering your dog is important if you are not a dog breeder, if you do not intend on breeding your dog or if your dog has finished their breeding program. Not only will spaying or neutering your dog reduce the possibility that an unintended pregnancy will occur, it will reduce the chances that your dog will get a number of serious, life threatening illnesses such as uterine, breast or testicular cancer. It will also eliminate the possibility of pyometra, a very severe infection of the uterus that may lead to an untimely death if not treated.

We offer the most advanced, safest, spay or neuter surgery techniques at NOAH. All patients receive a full physical exam prior to surgery to assess if they are healthy to undergo surgery that day; we also will run pre-surgical blood work to be sure your dog is healthy for anesthesia. Anesthesia and pain medication are individually tailored for your pet. Our fully-trained veterinary and technical staff will take the best care of your dog during surgery. Our surgical suite is equipped with advanced sterilization techniques, ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation monitors, and your pet will be carefully monitored during and after the procedure.

What is Spay or Neuter Surgery?

Spay surgery refers to the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries in female dogs.

Neuter surgery refers to the surgical removal of the testicles in male dogs.

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