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Ferret Medicine

Ferret Medicine

Ferrets are intelligent, curious, active and oh-so-fun companions—but many end up suffering from chronic malnutrition and other preventable health issues because they have very specific needs and are given inadequate diets, improper housing and/or grooming. They do tend to have more health problems than other “pocket pets” which is why the vets at Dominion Valley Animal Hospital recommend regular wellness exams for your ferret friend.

What to Know About Ferrets

It’s very important to “desex” your ferret. This not only helps to control indiscriminate breeding but also to reduce aggression and prevent hormone-related diseases that are commonly found among ferrets.

It is also important that your ferret receives the appropriate vaccines. Our vet will discuss giving your ferret a rabies vaccine, as well as the canine distemper virus. Ferrets are highly susceptible to canine distemper, which is virtually 100% fatal for them.

Like other small mammals, ferrets instinctually hide signs of illness and injury, so it’s important you know the signs and contact us if you see these symptoms in your pet:

  • Alopecia/hair loss
  • Behavioral changes
  • Swelling/bumps/lumps
  • Changes in urine or stool production
  • Change in food or water intake
  • Change in energy level

If you have questions about caring for your ferret or want to schedule an exam, please call us at (703) 753-4444.